How to Control Gum Disease Holistically

That gum disease and diabetes appear to be linked isn’t news. What is new is a study in Acta Diabetologica confirming the association.   For it, researchers analyzed a set of 13 studies involving nearly 50,000 individuals, including 3197 who had diabetes. And what did they find?   Meta-analyses of adjusted estimates showed that diabetes […]

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Do You Trust Our Food System?

How much do you trust our country’s food system?  If your answer is “not so much,” you’re not alone.   According to a new industry report, just  25% of consumers strongly trust our food system – 12% less than just last year. And less than half think that it’s even headed in the right direction. […]

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Another Beneficial Botanical: Galla Chinensis

Plants and botanical remedies can play a big role in oral health – and have for centuries. Some of the most common include clove, garlic, cinnamon, and neem. Newer to the conversation is Galla Chinesnsis, or Chinese sumac. Traditionally, this herb has been used to treat things like chronic coughing, excessive sweating, and diarrhea. It has […]

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Want In on a Secret to a Healthier Body? Listen to Your Body Clock

When you think about maintaining a leaner, healthier body, you probably think about what you eat and where you eat – but what about when you eat? New research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that listening to your own body clock and eating more in accord with its schedule may be an […]

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What Do Polyphenols Have to Do with Your Oral Health?

We looked before at how the polyphenols found in blueberries seem to help counter the bacteria and inflammation involved with gum disease. Now, new research suggests that polyphenols found in green tea may help address tooth sensitivity and, better yet, prevent decay . Tooth sensitivity most often happens when enamel erodes, exposing the softer, porous […]

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no mercury symbol

It’s Mercury Awareness Week

This week marks the 7th annual Mercury Awareness Week, a joint campaign by Dr. Mercola and Consumers for Dental Choice to highlight the problem of dental mercury, the promise of mercury-free dentistry, and how you can help in the fight for a mercury-free future. Our office has been providing mercury-free dentistry in the Glendale/Los Angeles […]

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prescription drugs

The Real Price We Pay for Prescriptions

Hospitals these days are said to be understaffed and overpopulated, especially in ERs. When asked how to solve this problem, many in the hospital biz suggest more doctors, more nurses, a new hospital wing, a new campus. But here’s a solution that seems to have slipped their mind: How about fewer patients? Though you may […]

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anti-fluoride poster

Hope for a Fluoride-Free Future

You probably already know that fluoridation isn’t the right choice for your dental (and overall) health. (And if you don’t…) But it’s not just a matter of personal choice – not when public policy dictates the fluoridation of our water sources. Biological dentist Dr. Bill Glaros calls it “forced medication without representation.” A recent paper […]

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An Amino Acid that May Prevent Decay: L-Arginine

So there are ingredients to steer clear of in our toothpastes, such as the triclosan we looked at last week. Others, such as probiotics, we might embrace. Another one of the apparent good guys? L-arginine. L-arginine is an amino acid found protein-rich foods such as meat and dairy, as well as nuts, seeds, beans, and […]

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triclosan molecule

A Renewed Call Against Triclosan

Triclosan recently made headlines again after more than 200 scientists and health professionals signed a petition calling for even more caution in using this problem chemical. It’s really a warning shot from health professionals and scientists. It’s not calling for an outright ban, but it’s warning consumers and manufacturers and policy makers that maybe we […]

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