prescription drugs

The Real Price We Pay for Prescriptions

Hospitals these days are said to be understaffed and overpopulated, especially in ERs. When asked how to solve this problem, many in the hospital biz suggest more doctors, more nurses, a new hospital wing, a new campus. But here’s a solution that seems to have slipped their mind: How about fewer patients? Though you may […]

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anti-fluoride poster

Hope for a Fluoride-Free Future

You probably already know that fluoridation isn’t the right choice for your dental (and overall) health. (And if you don’t…) But it’s not just a matter of personal choice – not when public policy dictates the fluoridation of our water sources. Biological dentist Dr. Bill Glaros calls it “forced medication without representation.” A recent paper […]

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An Amino Acid that May Prevent Decay: L-Arginine

So there are ingredients to steer clear of in our toothpastes, such as the triclosan we looked at last week. Others, such as probiotics, we might embrace. Another one of the apparent good guys? L-arginine. L-arginine is an amino acid found protein-rich foods such as meat and dairy, as well as nuts, seeds, beans, and […]

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triclosan molecule

A Renewed Call Against Triclosan

Triclosan recently made headlines again after more than 200 scientists and health professionals signed a petition calling for even more caution in using this problem chemical. It’s really a warning shot from health professionals and scientists. It’s not calling for an outright ban, but it’s warning consumers and manufacturers and policy makers that maybe we […]

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family eating healthy

When It Comes to Eating, a Little Change Can Go a Long Way Toward Better Health

Just the thought of cleaning up your diet can be stressful and overwhelming. You might envision tossing out most every food in your fridge and pantry, replacing or modifying every meal, snack, and drink. But what if smaller changes could have big impacts on your overall health? Well, new research in the New England Journal […]

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dental floss

Yes, Flossing Matters

Remember last year when the internet went crazy over the “news” that you don’t need to floss? The reality wasn’t nearly so interesting. No one actually said, “Don’t floss.” The USDA and HHS merely dropped it from their latest guidelines. It was reported that there just wasn’t enough good evidence to support flossing. But as […]

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coconut oil

Wait, Coconut Oil Is Bad Now?! Hardly

Ever since coconut oil became the new black in healthy living, it’s had its skeptics. And they got joyfully noisy over a recent “Presidential Advisory” from the American Heart Association. But while dramatic headlines about “unhealthy” coconut oil grabbed attention, the advisory doesn’t actually discredit coconut oil at all. What it does say is only […]

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More on the Cannabis – Gum Disease Connection

Blog long enough, and your inbox starts to fill with news releases. Among today’s batch: “The Forgotten Side Effect in the Marijuana Discussion,” in which a dentist insists, “I don’t see anyone discussing the negative effects of smoking marijuana, particularly to oral health.” To which we say, you must not be paying attention. Just about […]

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toothpaste oozing from tube

The Great Toothpaste Debate Continues: Fluoride? Xylitol? Probiotics?

You hear fluoride touted as the best way to prevent decay. Then you run into studies like the one published this spring in the Journal of Dental Research. For it, the dental health of 1248 caries-free children was monitored for three years. Half of the kids got fluoride varnish regularly applied. They also got toothbrushes, […]

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Why You Should Breathe Through Your Nose, Not Your Mouth

If you have allergies or sinus issues, you may already be familiar with the Ayurvedic practice of sinus rinsing (aka irrigating your nasal cavity). But did you know it can impact your oral health, too? Naturally, when you’re stuffed up, you’ll breathe more through your mouth than your nose. Yet we were designed for nasal […]

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