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Is What You Drink Damaging Your Teeth?

More and more, you see the sugar industry being compared to the tobacco biz – in how they manipulate science, in their PR manipulations, in the damage their product does to health and well-being. So considering all the lawsuits filed against big tobacco by smokers and their families, would it be any surprise to see […]

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“Very Little Evidence” for Fluoridation, Says New Cochrane Review

Though his years of travels, meeting indigenous populations around the globe, Dr. Weston Price – one-time head of research for the American Dental Association – documented the impact of diet on dental health and development. Invariably, he found that those who ate their traditional, local diet had healthy teeth and good orofacial development. Widespread problems […]

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Turmeric (Curcumin) for Healthy Gums

If your hands bled when you washed them, you’d see a doctor, right? Yet many people whose gums bleed when they brush seem to think nothing of it. That bleeding is a sign of gum disease, and up to three-quarters of American adults have it to some degree. This is serious business, as science continues […]

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5 Facets of a Healthy Lifestyle

We all say we want to be “healthy,” but what does that really mean? Is “health” just the absence of illness? If so, then there are a lot of unhealthy people here in the US, where about half of all adults have at least one chronic disease. In fact, continues the CDC, 70% of all […]

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What’s Ozone Therapy & How Is It Used in Dentistry?

If you’ve read much about “alternative medicine,” you may have run across discussion of something called “ozone therapy.” But what’s that? The word “ozone” might make you think of pollution. We’ve all heard of the “hole” in the ozone layer caused by CFCs and other toxins. Maybe you’ve read that ozone is found in smog […]

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Sustaining Childhood Dental Health

Dr. Erwin shares why it is important for parents to maintain their child or children's dental health at young ages and some fun ways to make it an enjoyable activity for the both of you.

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Dentistry While Pregnant

Dr. Erwin of P. Vernon Erwin DDS shares with pregnant patients some procedures they can have done and why they need to be careful when getting these performed.

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A Dental Implant for Tiger Woods

This last January, professional golfer Tiger Woods lost one of his front teeth while in Italy. Fortunately, they were able to restore his missing tooth with a dental implant. We can perform the same treatment they did for Mr. Woods for our many patients suffering from missing teeth here in Glendale, CA.

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Kill Bill’s Uma Thurman Sports a New Look

Are you ready to shed your stained or damaged teeth for a celebrity smile? Dr. Erwin of Glendale, CA has the solution for you. Our porcelain veneers are fast, safe, and effective in concealing your flaws for a beautiful smile. Come learn more about this procedure so you can schedule your initial consultation today!

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Taking Care of Your Implants

Dr. P. Vernon Erwin invites you to learn about how dental implants are maintained and how they can be taken care of to ensure optimal permanency and oral health. If you're missing one or more teeth, you may be interested to know that dental implants are a one-time procedure that lasts a lifetime. Come check it out!

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