pregnant woman

Can Pregnancy Really Ruin Your Teeth?

It must be a slow news day when someone taking offense to a state trooper in a generally unremarkable exchange becomes noteworthy. It began when the trooper, Thomas Manning, pulled over an Indiana mom for speeding. Noticing her bad teeth and anxious behavior, he asked – perhaps not tactfully but not menacingly, either – “When […]

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vintage cigarette ad with dentist

Smoking or Vaping, Your Teeth – & Overall Health – Are at Risk

Long ago and far away, most Americans smoked, and ads like these never even raised an eyebrow: One reason we laugh at these now is one of the reasons why smoking rates continue to plummet in this country: We all know that smoking wrecks your health. No dentist – or physician or other health professional […]

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quote on health and happiness

The Positive Health Impact of a Positive Outlook

It’s not hard to see how being physically unwell is apt to make a person feel mentally bad, as well. In fact, it seems almost common sense. Harder to grasp is the fact that positive feelings can bolster physical health in any way. That seems almost magical thinking. It’s sure easy to twist and simplify […]

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ReReads: Health & Illness: More Than “If A and if B, then C”

In this 2012 post (slightly modified from the original version), Dr. Erwin discusses why dental care – like medical care – should be individualized to each patient. One of this blog’s most popular posts is an article I originally wrote for my office website, “Why Doesn’t Everyone with Mercury Fillings Get Sick?”. The short answer […]

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grocery store aisles

Is Being Healthy Truly a Priority?

For most, 21st century reality puts a lot of distance between us and where our food comes from. That food is often more manufactured than grown, using processes you couldn’t replicate in your own kitchen and ingredients you just won’t find at your local Ralph’s, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or any other grocery store. We […]

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before and after amalgam removal

Patients Can Tell You What It’s Like to Regain a Mercury-Free Mouth

This week is Mercury-Free Dentistry Week – an occasion launched by Dr. Mercola and Consumers for Dental Choice to raise awareness about the personal and environmental health hazards of mercury amalgam “silver” fillings and encourage all to keep working toward a mercury-free future. And there’s certainly work yet to be done. Consider the recent news […]

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bone regeneration with LANAP

Severe Gum Disease? Look to the Laser (and Other Options for Dealing with Periodontitis)

Of course, the best thing to do about gum disease is keep it from developing in the first place. That’s largely a matter of Keeping up good hygiene (brushing twice and flossing once daily), Seeing your dentist at least twice a year for regular exams and professional cleanings, Eating a whole foods-based diet, high in […]

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healthy mouth

Treating Your Gum Disease May Improve Your Overall Health

For years, mainstream dentistry scoffed at the idea of focal infection – the idea that infection in one part of the body can affect other organs or systems. For years, it treated teeth as though they were almost separate from the body that housed them. Dentists acted as though anything that happened in the mouth […]

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mother and child brushing teeth

Teaching Your Kids How to Take Good Care of Their Teeth

A few years ago, some Dutch researchers decided to find out how much parents valued their children’s oral health – literally. They asked how much they’d be willing to pay – in money, as well as time. The good news is that most – 80% upward – did, in fact, put at least some value […]

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Tooth & Caduceus

The Dentist as Physician

For most people, dental care is sort of like an afterthought – and the dentist, less a doctor than a technician or mouth mechanic. When “health care reform” happened, oral health barely registered a thought. Where Obamacare does address oral health, it mainly concerns dental care for children. Even then, it’s not quite the requirement […]

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