dental floss

Yes, Flossing Matters

Remember last year when the internet went crazy over the “news” that you don’t need to floss? The reality wasn’t nearly so interesting. No one actually said, “Don’t floss.” The USDA and HHS merely dropped it from their latest guidelines. It was reported that there just wasn’t enough good evidence to support flossing. But as […]

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coconut oil

Wait, Coconut Oil Is Bad Now?! Hardly

Ever since coconut oil became the new black in healthy living, it’s had its skeptics. And they got joyfully noisy over a recent “Presidential Advisory” from the American Heart Association. But while dramatic headlines about “unhealthy” coconut oil grabbed attention, the advisory doesn’t actually discredit coconut oil at all. What it does say is only […]

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More on the Cannabis – Gum Disease Connection

Blog long enough, and your inbox starts to fill with news releases. Among today’s batch: “The Forgotten Side Effect in the Marijuana Discussion,” in which a dentist insists, “I don’t see anyone discussing the negative effects of smoking marijuana, particularly to oral health.” To which we say, you must not be paying attention. Just about […]

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toothpaste oozing from tube

The Great Toothpaste Debate Continues: Fluoride? Xylitol? Probiotics?

You hear fluoride touted as the best way to prevent decay. Then you run into studies like the one published this spring in the Journal of Dental Research. For it, the dental health of 1248 caries-free children was monitored for three years. Half of the kids got fluoride varnish regularly applied. They also got toothbrushes, […]

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Why You Should Breathe Through Your Nose, Not Your Mouth

If you have allergies or sinus issues, you may already be familiar with the Ayurvedic practice of sinus rinsing (aka irrigating your nasal cavity). But did you know it can impact your oral health, too? Naturally, when you’re stuffed up, you’ll breathe more through your mouth than your nose. Yet we were designed for nasal […]

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“But I Heard that Prolonged Breastfeeding Causes Tooth Decay…”

For moms who can breastfeed, the practice comes with a lot of advantages – like the oral health benefits we looked at last week. According to a study in Pediatric Clinics of North America, “Breastfeeding clearly improves the health of infants and mothers and seems to result in cost savings for parents, insurers, employers, and […]

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How Breastfeeding Can Set the Stage for Good Oral (& Overall) Health

You’re probably already aware of breastfeeding’s nutritional, immunological, and psychological benefits. What you might not know is that it affects a child’s orofacial development and dental health, as well. As noted expert Dr. Brian Palmer wrote in an important paper for the Journal of Human Lactation, breastfeeding contributes to “improved shaping of the hard palate […]

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man holding head in shadows

Gum Disease Affects Far More Than Just Your Mouth

Gum disease isn’t just some minor annoyance. As a new review of the literature reminds, it can impact the quality of your life, as well. The paper, published in the Journal of Periodontal Research, analyzed data from 34 cross-sectional studies that looked at perio status and quality of life among teens and adults. Twenty-five studies […]

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Tired of the Same ‘ol, Same ‘ol? Introduce Some New Healthy Herbs & Spices to Your Meals! (Recipes Included)

Bored with putting the same meals on the table every week? Looking for more variety but still want to focus on healthy options? Healthy cooking does not have to be boring or difficult. One easy way to add variety and change up the flavor of simple dishes is by adding some new herbs or spices […]

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grandmother swimming with grandchild

5 Tips for Making Exercise Part of Your Life (and Staying Sharp as You Age)

There are lots of steps you can take toward keeping your brain sharp as you age. No doubt you’ve heard plenty of tips, from doing puzzles and games to increasing your antioxidant intake. One you may not have heard about so much: exercise. Yet as a new review of the science in the British Journal […]

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