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Want Healthy Gums? You Need to Get Enough Sleep

When researchers turn to the matter of healthy lifestyles – as in this 2016 study in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings – they typically focus on just four elements: diet, exercise, obesity, and smoking status. Yet this is hardly all there is to “health.” One of the most overlooked aspects? Sleep. The value of getting enough […]

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ReReads: The Holistic Dentist as Mouth Doctor

One of the mysteries Mary Otto unravels in her new book Teeth: The Story of Beauty, Inequality, and the Struggle for Oral Health in America is the divorce of dentistry from medicine. As a recent Atlantic article put it, The body didn’t sign on for this arrangement, and teeth don’t know that they’re supposed to […]

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7 Holistic Ways to Keep Your Toothbrush Free of Germs

Last week, we introduced you to those invisible bacterial hitchhikers that tag along for a ride on your toothbrush every day. From the potentially dangerous S. aureus and E. coli to Candida and three strains of Streptococcus, these pathogenic bugs thrive in the moist environment a toothbrush offers. Because we believe education is foundational to what a holistic office can offer, this week, […]

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Blissfully Unaware of the 7 Germs We’re Brushing With Everyday

We all know a simple toothbrush, used effectively, can have a positive impact on oral health. Habitual use of this simple tool, and floss, can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. But for all the merits this basic hygiene tool has, there is also a murkier side. One study assessed the microbial contamination of the […]

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Salutogenesis: The Study of How We Can Create Well-Being

If you’re like most people, you spend a fair amount of time trying to avoid illness and disease. As with a child’s dot-to-dot book, you follow the dots from the first number to the end point. In the dot-to-dot book of disease, you find that advanced gum disease connects to diabetes, for instance, and missing […]

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Gum Disease an Early Complication of Diabetes

We get it: A hygiene visit and exam are easy to skip when you’re doing okay. But even if you’re not so okay, if you’re embarrassed about the condition in your mouth, you’ll probably take a pass, too. Maybe you’ve been struggling over the bathroom sink with flossing and brushing techniques that feel downright clumsy. […]

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Raising Healthy Eaters

Our last remark last week was a point that bears repeating: It’s the dynamic of your lifestyle as a whole that makes the biggest impact on your health and well-being – orally and systemically. Healthful eating is the foundation. And the earlier we can establish healthy eating patterns, the better. After all, research suggests that […]

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“Nuts” to Hyperbolic Health Headlines

Every so often, you hear about this study or that touting the health benefits of this food or that. The headlines are catchy and often seem unambiguous. For instance, consider these that came in the wake of recent research on nut consumption: Eat Nuts Every Day to Cut Heart and Cancer Risk Eating a Handful […]

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How You Age Is in Your Hands

As we get older, most of us tend to worry about how aging may affect our bodies and health. But a new study in Aging Cell suggests that worry might be misplaced. While it’s easy to think that aging predisposes you to disabilities and chronic health issues, the truth is, we all age differently. Time […]

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Does the Mediterranean Diet Offer New Hope for ADHD?

By now we’re all familiar with the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A lack of attention, concentration, memory, motivation, and applied effort are all common traits that can short-circuit a child, teen or adult’s executive functioning skills. Often, ADHD affects one’s ability to learn from mistakes, control impulses, and develop appropriate social skills. Unfortunately, the […]

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