water pouring from tap

Water: Elixir for Life

Water may be the closest thing we have to an “elixir for life.” Think about it: Our bodies are nearly two-thirds water. Even our bones are 20% water. Consequently, water isn’t only essential for life. It’s essential for maintaining a long and healthy life. Thank goodness our bodies have sensitive detectors throughout that process our […]

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tooth anatomy

Too Much Sweetness Weakens Defenses

Americans eat more sugar than anyone else in the world. Our average daily intake of 126.4 grams puts us well ahead of the pack. Convert it to calories and it adds up to 506. A day. Just from sugar. The stuff that fuels all manner of chronic disease, including tooth decay. Yet did you know […]

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chewing gum

Does Chewing Gum Belong in Your Medicine Chest?

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol often found in sugarless gum. You’ve probably heard something about its potential to actively prevent cavities. What you might not know is that the evidence for its effectiveness is still not totally settled. Last year, Cochrane Reviews published an analysis of 10 studies comparing products containing xylitol with various controls. […]

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light shining on mouth

Oral Probiotics: Friends with Benefits

Seems not a day goes by that you don’t hear something about how the microbes in your gut are key to overall health. But while you’re deciding how to feed it the healthy bacteria it needs, you might want to shine a little light on your mouth. Turns out that probiotics – those friendly bacteria […]

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never let fear decide your fate

Embracing Your Dental Anxiety & Moving Forward

Knowing what we know about the importance of a healthy mouth to overall health, we find it curious when a client misses an appointment that can help them achieve and sustain both. While emergencies do happen and schedules can change, habitual no-shows are not only concerning; they point to the proverbial elephant in the room: […]

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breastfeeding child

The “Natural” Consequences of Breastfeeding

Is describing breastfeeding as “natural” ethically problematic? That’s the claim of a recent article in Pediatrics. Why problematic? “Natural” influences people, say the authors. “Natural” encourages people to believe something’s better or healthier. And that just can’t be! Pardon the pun, but naturally this got our attention. After all, breastfeeding is a natural function. More, […]

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vote with your fork

Organic Food: A Vote for Health

When it comes to your mouth, you know that what you eat matters. Eat less sugar and refined carbs, you reduce plaque formation. This is important because there’s a clear link between the bacteria found on in your mouth and the microbes involved with chronic inflammatory diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. When it […]

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stevia plant

Does Stevia Have a Role to Play in Keeping Your Teeth Healthy?

Given the degree of fluoridation in the US, you might be surprised to learn that dental caries (tooth decay) is still the most common chronic disease in children. More than 40% of children aged 2 to 11 have had decay in their baby teeth. Nearly a quarter of children have untreated decay. And adults are […]

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handful of blueberries

Could Wild Blueberries Help You Heal Your Gums?

New research out of Canada suggests yes – at least, compounds found in the berry may be beneficial. Now, if you have gum disease – and most Americans do – what matters most is healing. Gum disease is a disease of inflammation. It’s also a disease linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other systemic […]

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electric vs. manual toothbrush

Can an Electric Toothbrush Really Damage My Teeth?

You notice the recent chatter about the “danger” of electronic toothbrushes? An article over at the Daily Mail seems to be the source – that hotbed of quality journalism [snerk]. Somehow one woman’s experience morphed into a trend of patients with teeth “DESTROYED” by electronic brushes. It’s mainly anecdotal evidence, peppered with comments from a […]

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