What’s In Your Mouth? Know Your Dental Work

Recently, the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) launched a campaign to raise awareness about the dental lab work in your mouth. They encourage you to know where your lab work was done, by whom, and what materials were used. When it comes to dentistry, the right to know what’s in your mouth has been […]

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Food’s Defense on a Warming Planet

Just like people, plants react when they’re stressed. And according to a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), they’re doing just that. Everyday edible crops such as wheat and maize are stepping up the amount of toxins they generate to protect themselves from extreme weather patterns linked to climate change. Eaten over […]

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Ganja Gums: Oral Health & Marijuana Use

Last week, Ohio became the latest state to legalize medical marijuana. Four states (and three cities) have legalized it completely, allowing it for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Used as medicine or not, every drug has “side effects” – everything a drug can do besides the one thing you really want it to do. It’s […]

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mind full or mindful

Guest Post: Mindfulness As an Antidote to Inflammation

Our thanks to the office of Michael G. Rehme, DDS for letting us repost this article from their Tooth-Body Blog… We live in a tech-driven environment, able to virtually be in many places at once. While this can simplify many aspects of our lives, it also means we’re not always inhabiting the space we’re in. […]

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A Wakeup Call to the Sugary Soft Drink Makers

Recently, US district court judge Edward M. Chen rejected industry efforts to stop a San Francisco law requiring a health warning for sodas and sugar-sweetened drinks. Good. People’s health should take precedence over the financial interests of industry and its misleading marketing. True, the warning isn’t required for newspaper, magazine or television ads, menus, or […]

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jaw bone illustration

Medication for Bone Density Might Spell Trouble for Your Jaw

While routine dental care and good oral hygiene are important for everyone, they’re particularly important if you’re taking bone density drugs. That’s because osteoporosis isn’t just about your spine. It can affect your jaw bone, too – just not in the way you might think. It has to do with the bisphosphonate drugs commonly prescribed […]

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burning matches in heart shape

10 Tips to Cool a Heart on Fire – Strengthen Your Digestive System

You know heartburn – the discomfort it causes in your chest. Often, the discomfort of reflux radiates up to your neck or throat. You may experience shortness of breath or nausea. But sometimes there aren’t any obvious symptoms. Maybe you have a mild cough, hoarseness, or on again/off again discomfort after eating. These symptoms may […]

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fish oil capsules arranged in a heart shape

Fish Oil as Health Risk? Sifting Through to the Facts

There’s no doubt that when it comes to preserving and maintaining health, we can be faced with lots of challenges. One way more people are choosing to deal with some of those challenges is through supplements. Consider fish oil. Rarely are its benefits disputed. Conditions that fish oil has been reported to help include Heart […]

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diverse E. coli

Beer & Chocolate & Microbes That Matter

When it comes to gut health, the diversity of your microbiome is key. Through two studies just published in Science, researchers from Belgium and the Netherlands offer new insight about the intestinal bacteria living inside each and every one of us. The research points the way toward identifying the makeup of a “universal microbiome.” The […]

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water pouring from tap

Water: Elixir for Life

Water may be the closest thing we have to an “elixir for life.” Think about it: Our bodies are nearly two-thirds water. Even our bones are 20% water. Consequently, water isn’t only essential for life. It’s essential for maintaining a long and healthy life. Thank goodness our bodies have sensitive detectors throughout that process our […]

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