“But I Heard that Prolonged Breastfeeding Causes Tooth Decay…”

For moms who can breastfeed, the practice comes with a lot of advantages – like the oral health benefits we looked at last week. According to a study in Pediatric Clinics of North America, “Breastfeeding clearly improves the health of infants and mothers and seems to result in cost savings for parents, insurers, employers, and […]

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breastfeeding child

The “Natural” Consequences of Breastfeeding

Is describing breastfeeding as “natural” ethically problematic? That’s the claim of a recent article in Pediatrics. Why problematic? “Natural” influences people, say the authors. “Natural” encourages people to believe something’s better or healthier. And that just can’t be! Pardon the pun, but naturally this got our attention. After all, breastfeeding is a natural function. More, […]

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mother and child brushing teeth

Teaching Your Kids How to Take Good Care of Their Teeth

A few years ago, some Dutch researchers decided to find out how much parents valued their children’s oral health – literally. They asked how much they’d be willing to pay – in money, as well as time. The good news is that most – 80% upward – did, in fact, put at least some value […]

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Sustaining Childhood Dental Health

Dr. Erwin shares why it is important for parents to maintain their child or children's dental health at young ages and some fun ways to make it an enjoyable activity for the both of you.

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