looking in the mirror

Are Your Teeth Getting Between You & Your Smile?

Is looking good a survival trait? Harvard psychology professor Nancy Etcoff thinks so. “Appearance is the most public part of the self,” she writes in Survival of the Prettiest. It is our sacrament, the visible self that the world assumes to be a mirror of the invisible, inner self. This assumption may not be fair, […]

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Kill Bill’s Uma Thurman Sports a New Look

Are you ready to shed your stained or damaged teeth for a celebrity smile? Dr. Erwin of Glendale, CA has the solution for you. Our porcelain veneers are fast, safe, and effective in concealing your flaws for a beautiful smile. Come learn more about this procedure so you can schedule your initial consultation today!

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Get the Most Out of Tooth Whitening

What’s a person’s most attractive physical feature? Their smile, of course. That said, what else could it be in a survey conducted by the American Dental Association, Crest and Oral-B, and written about here by a dentist, right? But seriously: ask around and you’ll find that a great smile is indeed widely admired and something […]

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