Floss Is Hardly Your Only Option for Cleaning Between Your Teeth

Are you one of those people who only floss when it’s time to go to the dentist for your semi-annual exam and cleaning?   The trouble with only brushing is that you leave lots of each tooth uncleaned. It’s like washing your face, neck, hair, and limbs while leaving the rest of your body still […]

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triclosan molecule

A Renewed Call Against Triclosan

Triclosan recently made headlines again after more than 200 scientists and health professionals signed a petition calling for even more caution in using this problem chemical. It’s really a warning shot from health professionals and scientists. It’s not calling for an outright ban, but it’s warning consumers and manufacturers and policy makers that maybe we […]

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toothpaste oozing from tube

The Great Toothpaste Debate Continues: Fluoride? Xylitol? Probiotics?

You hear fluoride touted as the best way to prevent decay. Then you run into studies like the one published this spring in the Journal of Dental Research. For it, the dental health of 1248 caries-free children was monitored for three years. Half of the kids got fluoride varnish regularly applied. They also got toothbrushes, […]

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dental floss tied around tooth

To Floss or Not to Floss? The Decision That Has You in Knots

We know: You never liked to floss in the first place – well, unless you were trying to remove a chunk of something wedged between your teeth. And you’re a bit tired of going to the hygienist every six months and getting schooled all over again in proper technique. So you were probably thrilled to […]

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electric vs. manual toothbrush

Can an Electric Toothbrush Really Damage My Teeth?

You notice the recent chatter about the “danger” of electronic toothbrushes? An article over at the Daily Mail seems to be the source – that hotbed of quality journalism [snerk]. Somehow one woman’s experience morphed into a trend of patients with teeth “DESTROYED” by electronic brushes. It’s mainly anecdotal evidence, peppered with comments from a […]

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Mail headline screenshot

Just Brushing Your Teeth Really Isn’t Enough

Maybe you’ve seen this article – or one like it – floating around Facebook recently: Not exactly. The most recent study, published this past spring in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, analyzed nearly 400 studies on tools used for cleaning between the teeth – not just floss but oral irrigators (e.g., Waterpik), woodsticks and interdental […]

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Persistent Pathogens : Dedicated Defense

These are our children. We’d do anything for them, right? Helping them grow up with healthy smiles takes a little wrangling with microbes, though. Consider the results of a study published in last December’s Journal of Oral Microbiology: The Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry have determined that certain genetic strains of bacteria […]

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Why Does Poor Oral Health Remain Such a Problem?

Every so often, a new story comes out about the American struggle with oral health. Not long ago, for instance, we heard about how 20% of Americans have untreated decay and most have some history of cavity repair: 40% of children, 52% of teens and 75% of adults. Other studies say that by the age […]

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Care of the Body = Care of the Mouth = Care of the Body

No doubt, mercury is a threat to human health. Yet more than 2/3 of all dentists still use it on occasion. One thing that can make it easier to justify is a consequence of that that doctor/dentist division I wrote about a couple weeks ago: the tendency to treat teeth as though they were separate […]

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A Mouth Full of Bacteria, a Tablespoon of Oil

Did you know that there are more bacteria in your body than human cells? Yes, really. Microbes outnumber them, 10 to 1. That’s not a bad thing. For not all “bugs” are bad (despite what you see and hear in some ads). Some are essential to human health, doing things like Synthesizing and excreting vitamins […]

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