The Modern Problem of Underdeveloped Jaws

Compared to our early ancestors, our jaws are much smaller, narrower. But why? And what are the consequences? That’s the concern of a new book we recently received, Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic. And while preventing the problem might not be an option for us adults, we can help our kids avoid it.   […]

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Do You Trust Our Food System?

How much do you trust our country’s food system?  If your answer is “not so much,” you’re not alone.   According to a new industry report, just  25% of consumers strongly trust our food system – 12% less than just last year. And less than half think that it’s even headed in the right direction. […]

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Want In on a Secret to a Healthier Body? Listen to Your Body Clock

When you think about maintaining a leaner, healthier body, you probably think about what you eat and where you eat – but what about when you eat? New research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that listening to your own body clock and eating more in accord with its schedule may be an […]

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What Do Polyphenols Have to Do with Your Oral Health?

We looked before at how the polyphenols found in blueberries seem to help counter the bacteria and inflammation involved with gum disease. Now, new research suggests that polyphenols found in green tea may help address tooth sensitivity and, better yet, prevent decay . Tooth sensitivity most often happens when enamel erodes, exposing the softer, porous […]

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coconut oil

Wait, Coconut Oil Is Bad Now?! Hardly

Ever since coconut oil became the new black in healthy living, it’s had its skeptics. And they got joyfully noisy over a recent “Presidential Advisory” from the American Heart Association. But while dramatic headlines about “unhealthy” coconut oil grabbed attention, the advisory doesn’t actually discredit coconut oil at all. What it does say is only […]

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Tired of the Same ‘ol, Same ‘ol? Introduce Some New Healthy Herbs & Spices to Your Meals! (Recipes Included)

Bored with putting the same meals on the table every week? Looking for more variety but still want to focus on healthy options? Healthy cooking does not have to be boring or difficult. One easy way to add variety and change up the flavor of simple dishes is by adding some new herbs or spices […]

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What the Health movie poster

New Documentary on Diet & Disease Is a Bit of a Mixed Bag

If you were looking for some extra motivation to eat better, you could do far worse than watching the new documentary What the Health. It may gross you out and and make you frustrated enough with the food and pharma industries to re-think at least some of your food choices. The film follows Kip Anderson, […]

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smiling girl with fresh produce

Raising Healthy Eaters

Our last remark last week was a point that bears repeating: It’s the dynamic of your lifestyle as a whole that makes the biggest impact on your health and well-being – orally and systemically. Healthful eating is the foundation. And the earlier we can establish healthy eating patterns, the better. After all, research suggests that […]

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mixed nuts

“Nuts” to Hyperbolic Health Headlines

Every so often, you hear about this study or that touting the health benefits of this food or that. The headlines are catchy and often seem unambiguous. For instance, consider these that came in the wake of recent research on nut consumption: Eat Nuts Every Day to Cut Heart and Cancer Risk Eating a Handful […]

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Does the Mediterranean Diet Offer New Hope for ADHD?

By now we’re all familiar with the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A lack of attention, concentration, memory, motivation, and applied effort are all common traits that can short-circuit a child, teen or adult’s executive functioning skills. Often, ADHD affects one’s ability to learn from mistakes, control impulses, and develop appropriate social skills. Unfortunately, the […]

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