Want In on a Secret to a Healthier Body? Listen to Your Body Clock

When you think about maintaining a leaner, healthier body, you probably think about what you eat and where you eat – but what about when you eat? New research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that listening to your own body clock and eating more in accord with its schedule may be an […]

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prescription drugs

The Real Price We Pay for Prescriptions

Hospitals these days are said to be understaffed and overpopulated, especially in ERs. When asked how to solve this problem, many in the hospital biz suggest more doctors, more nurses, a new hospital wing, a new campus. But here’s a solution that seems to have slipped their mind: How about fewer patients? Though you may […]

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triclosan molecule

A Renewed Call Against Triclosan

Triclosan recently made headlines again after more than 200 scientists and health professionals signed a petition calling for even more caution in using this problem chemical. It’s really a warning shot from health professionals and scientists. It’s not calling for an outright ban, but it’s warning consumers and manufacturers and policy makers that maybe we […]

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family eating healthy

When It Comes to Eating, a Little Change Can Go a Long Way Toward Better Health

Just the thought of cleaning up your diet can be stressful and overwhelming. You might envision tossing out most every food in your fridge and pantry, replacing or modifying every meal, snack, and drink. But what if smaller changes could have big impacts on your overall health? Well, new research in the New England Journal […]

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coconut oil

Wait, Coconut Oil Is Bad Now?! Hardly

Ever since coconut oil became the new black in healthy living, it’s had its skeptics. And they got joyfully noisy over a recent “Presidential Advisory” from the American Heart Association. But while dramatic headlines about “unhealthy” coconut oil grabbed attention, the advisory doesn’t actually discredit coconut oil at all. What it does say is only […]

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grandmother swimming with grandchild

5 Tips for Making Exercise Part of Your Life (and Staying Sharp as You Age)

There are lots of steps you can take toward keeping your brain sharp as you age. No doubt you’ve heard plenty of tips, from doing puzzles and games to increasing your antioxidant intake. One you may not have heard about so much: exercise. Yet as a new review of the science in the British Journal […]

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What the Health movie poster

New Documentary on Diet & Disease Is a Bit of a Mixed Bag

If you were looking for some extra motivation to eat better, you could do far worse than watching the new documentary What the Health. It may gross you out and and make you frustrated enough with the food and pharma industries to re-think at least some of your food choices. The film follows Kip Anderson, […]

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woman meditating

What Are We Talking About When We Talk “Prevention”?

One of the virtues of a holistic approach is that it takes a proactive, preventive path to overall health and well-being. Eating well, exercising, getting enough rest and quality sleep, managing stress, practicing good oral hygiene – healthful habits like these go a long way toward preventing problems from arising in the first place. Think […]

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mixed nuts

“Nuts” to Hyperbolic Health Headlines

Every so often, you hear about this study or that touting the health benefits of this food or that. The headlines are catchy and often seem unambiguous. For instance, consider these that came in the wake of recent research on nut consumption: Eat Nuts Every Day to Cut Heart and Cancer Risk Eating a Handful […]

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old men seated in a row

How You Age Is in Your Hands

As we get older, most of us tend to worry about how aging may affect our bodies and health. But a new study in Aging Cell suggests that worry might be misplaced. While it’s easy to think that aging predisposes you to disabilities and chronic health issues, the truth is, we all age differently. Time […]

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