The Modern Problem of Underdeveloped Jaws

Compared to our early ancestors, our jaws are much smaller, narrower. But why? And what are the consequences? That’s the concern of a new book we recently received, Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic. And while preventing the problem might not be an option for us adults, we can help our kids avoid it.   […]

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How to Control Gum Disease Holistically

That gum disease and diabetes appear to be linked isn’t news. What is new is a study in Acta Diabetologica confirming the association.   For it, researchers analyzed a set of 13 studies involving nearly 50,000 individuals, including 3197 who had diabetes. And what did they find?   Meta-analyses of adjusted estimates showed that diabetes […]

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Another Beneficial Botanical: Galla Chinensis

Plants and botanical remedies can play a big role in oral health – and have for centuries. Some of the most common include clove, garlic, cinnamon, and neem. Newer to the conversation is Galla Chinesnsis, or Chinese sumac. Traditionally, this herb has been used to treat things like chronic coughing, excessive sweating, and diarrhea. It has […]

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What Do Polyphenols Have to Do with Your Oral Health?

We looked before at how the polyphenols found in blueberries seem to help counter the bacteria and inflammation involved with gum disease. Now, new research suggests that polyphenols found in green tea may help address tooth sensitivity and, better yet, prevent decay . Tooth sensitivity most often happens when enamel erodes, exposing the softer, porous […]

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An Amino Acid that May Prevent Decay: L-Arginine

So there are ingredients to steer clear of in our toothpastes, such as the triclosan we looked at last week. Others, such as probiotics, we might embrace. Another one of the apparent good guys? L-arginine. L-arginine is an amino acid found protein-rich foods such as meat and dairy, as well as nuts, seeds, beans, and […]

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More on the Cannabis – Gum Disease Connection

Blog long enough, and your inbox starts to fill with news releases. Among today’s batch: “The Forgotten Side Effect in the Marijuana Discussion,” in which a dentist insists, “I don’t see anyone discussing the negative effects of smoking marijuana, particularly to oral health.” To which we say, you must not be paying attention. Just about […]

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Why You Should Breathe Through Your Nose, Not Your Mouth

If you have allergies or sinus issues, you may already be familiar with the Ayurvedic practice of sinus rinsing (aka irrigating your nasal cavity). But did you know it can impact your oral health, too? Naturally, when you’re stuffed up, you’ll breathe more through your mouth than your nose. Yet we were designed for nasal […]

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What the Health movie poster

New Documentary on Diet & Disease Is a Bit of a Mixed Bag

If you were looking for some extra motivation to eat better, you could do far worse than watching the new documentary What the Health. It may gross you out and and make you frustrated enough with the food and pharma industries to re-think at least some of your food choices. The film follows Kip Anderson, […]

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woman holding embroidery guts

Mouth Microbes Found in the Gut Can Turn Carcinogenic

Did you know that a common mouth microbe, Fusobacterium nucleatum, can promote colon cancer? This microbe – a player in gum disease, as well – has the potential to become pathogenic (harmful) when found in the gut. But how? A recent study in Cell Host & Microbe points the way. It’s the first study to […]

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gauge with man in background

Gauging Inflammation: Friend or Foe?

When it comes to gum disease and its relationship with your overall health, inflammation gets its fair share of attention – especially the damage it causes our bodies. But negative effects are just part of the story. The truth is that inflammation is part of the body’s immune system. As such, it’s a key part […]

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