Floss Is Hardly Your Only Option for Cleaning Between Your Teeth

Are you one of those people who only floss when it’s time to go to the dentist for your semi-annual exam and cleaning?   The trouble with only brushing is that you leave lots of each tooth uncleaned. It’s like washing your face, neck, hair, and limbs while leaving the rest of your body still […]

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An Amino Acid that May Prevent Decay: L-Arginine

So there are ingredients to steer clear of in our toothpastes, such as the triclosan we looked at last week. Others, such as probiotics, we might embrace. Another one of the apparent good guys? L-arginine. L-arginine is an amino acid found protein-rich foods such as meat and dairy, as well as nuts, seeds, beans, and […]

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Yes, Flossing Matters

Remember last year when the internet went crazy over the “news” that you don’t need to floss? The reality wasn’t nearly so interesting. No one actually said, “Don’t floss.” The USDA and HHS merely dropped it from their latest guidelines. It was reported that there just wasn’t enough good evidence to support flossing. But as […]

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Blissfully Unaware of the 7 Germs We’re Brushing With Everyday

We all know a simple toothbrush, used effectively, can have a positive impact on oral health. Habitual use of this simple tool, and floss, can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. But for all the merits this basic hygiene tool has, there is also a murkier side. One study assessed the microbial contamination of the […]

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Periodontal Maintenance: More Than “Just a Cleaning”

When it comes to dental procedures, we know it can get confusing. It’s not you, it’s the terminology. Sure, “dental cleaning” sounds a whole lot friendlier than “prophylactic hygiene visit,” but it can also muddle things a bit. For not all cleanings are equal. If your appointment is for a “routine cleaning,” generally speaking, you […]

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A Holistic View of National Dental Hygiene Month

It’s October, which means it’s also National Dental Hygiene Month – an appropriate time to give a shout-out to our awesome hygienists, Gloria and Lina, as well as for you to take a critical look at your home care. After all, your oral health plays a very big role in your overall health – such […]

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No More Triclosan in Soap, but It’s Okay in Toothpaste?!

If you’re afraid of bad bugs – all those germs you can’t see but just know are EVERYWHERE – you’re definitely not alone. And industry is there for you, ready to wipe away your anxiety with products promising you a germ-free existence. Fear sells, after all, and marketers know it. But the thing is, the […]

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Bad Breath? Good News!

If you decide what to read on the basis of whether or not it has a catchy title, you likely missed “The Efficacy of Different Mouthrinse Formulation in Reducing Oral Malodour: A Randomized Trial” in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology (presuming, of course, you’re the type who reads things like the Journal of Clinical Periodontology). […]

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Do Natural Mouthwashes Work?

For most people, antimicrobial mouthwashes – “germ-killing” products such as Listerine – aren’t necessary for good oral hygiene, but they can be helpful. By controlling the growth of S.mutans and other microbes that contribute to oral disease, they can help you keep your gums healthy and get rid of bad breath. But so can effective […]

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What You Eat vs. What Eats Your Teeth

Earlier this month on our office Facebook page, I posted a link to a media release debunking several dental myths. Since then, I’ve seen quite a few articles focusing on just one of them: the belief that more sugar means more cavities.   Brymo/Flickr   Why focus on this? Maybe it’s because it can be […]

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