Dentistry While Pregnant

Pregnant woman brushing her teethDental practice Glendale, CA dentist Dr. Vernon Erwin wants to sympathize with pregnant patients that needed dental services.

Dentists must always be careful to perform dental procedures during pregnancy due to the dangerous radiation X- rays can cause or medication that can cause side effects. We do ask that patients discuss their pregnancy with the doctor before any appointments or procedures are scheduled.

Another concern for the baby is the anesthetic needed for procedures; whether or not they will experience discomfort or pain through the umbilical cord. Most dental practices offer a safe and healthy anesthetic that will not complicate the baby’s health and cause any type of effect to the fetus. X- ray radiation is a serious concern for mothers considering the babies are susceptible to the gamma radiation. Although this can be risky, it is imperative that mothers have good dental hygiene during this time to keep bacteria and infection away from the fetus.

Most dentists will not advise any serious or life- threatening dental procedures to mothers that are still pregnant because of many complications that can occur throughout these surgeries. Stress from needing or having the procedure done, alone, can cause the mother to affect the baby alone.

Considering dental implants are not life- threatening procedures, dentists will recommend having these done in the second or third trimester. Even though it is not ideal for a mother to undergo a procedure such as this, it is important that if they are missing a tooth or teeth, the bacteria and infection do not affect the fetus. Dentists know the dangers of missing teeth as creating issues for the gums and can lead to other severe diseases or illnesses. It is not healthy to deliver a baby with poor oral and dental health considering the bacteria and inflammation can travel to blood vessels throughout the body.

Someone that would need a tooth extracted in order to receive a dental implant, would most likely wait until they have delivered to schedule this appointment. Gingivitis is a common side effect of pregnancy actually and almost 30% of pregnant women experience this. The body continues to change and grow throughout this difficult time which can result in developing tumors in the gums, that will either disappear after the woman’s delivery or can be removed if needed. The connection between pregnancy and periodontitis also has unfortunately increased the risk of premature births, which means dentists need to be that much more careful.

Pregnant women also have a tendency to bleed a bit more, feel discomfort when laying down for an extended period of time, have a decreased immune system and can experience exhaustion and depression easily due to the psychological transitions pregnancy can bring. When the immune system is down and the patient is prone to excessive bleeding, this makes gum infections and other oral infections quite significant and can cause issues for their oral hygiene.

Here at P. Vernon Erwin DDS, we understand how vulnerable women are at this point in this lives and pregnancy and want to do everything possible to accommodate the dental and overall needs of these lovely ladies.

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