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European Union to Phase Out ALL Mercury Amalgam Use

When it comes to dental amalgam, Europe is a step ahead of the US. The Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry recently announced that the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted overwhelmingly to phase out all mercury amalgam use by December 31, 2022.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. There are two more stages in the EU’s regulatory process. And not unlike some American dentists, there are some European dentists who are determined to stop the movement toward mercury-free dentistry.

In all honesty, placing mercury in the human body is a tough position to defend. Listen as Dr. Erwin explains the issues with mercury amalgam fillings – their neurotoxic effects, the problem of galvanism, their connection to other dental conditions, and how to go about having these toxic fillings safely removed and replaced with biocompatible materials.

Biological dentistry is well ahead of the scientific curve when it comes knowledge about the safe removal of mercury and the need for compatible materials for restorations. In fact, biological dentists have always looked at patient’s whole body health in relation to the mouth.

And, while it’s great that the European Union plans to phase out dental mercury amalgam, we would do well to remember why, whether you have mercury fillings or not, it’s vital that the US follow suit.