Healthy Foods and Drinks for our Teeth and Gums

As a holistic dental practice, we believe that prevention is a key element to maintain a healthy beautiful smile. Taking care of our teeth and gums with a good cleaning routine alongside a good diet is the best preventive care support system we can have. So in order to have a beautiful smile here are a few suggestions on what foods and drinks are healthy for our teeth and gums:

Get ready to make water your favorite drink!

The benefits of water for our bodies are well known, it boosts our energy, hydrates our organs, clear our skin, helps us get rid of toxins, lose weight; and, help us get strong, healthy teeth. Yes, you read it correctly! Water is actually great for our teeth, and these are the reasons why:

  • The first benefit is that water helps our teeth by forming saliva. Saliva helps us swallow with ease and it also contains many proteins and minerals (calcium, phosphate and fluoride) that will fight bacteria and counteract the creation of acids that will cause tooth decay. By drinking water we are keeping our teeth strong and we are also preventing dry mouth.
  • Water also keeps our mouth clean, clearing out all debris left from eating that ultimately will create more bacteria and acids. It’s true that you can clear out the debris with any other drink (Sodas, coffee, tea, etc), but remember that those drinks will contain sugar, acids and other agents that cause tooth decay, deteriorate your teeth’s enamel and –on top of everything- some will stain your teeth.
  • It protects your gums: By having strong teeth and a clean mouth we are keeping our gums in check. The acidity and the bacteria that come with unhealthy teeth damage also our gums; where usually all the debris hides, so by drinking water we are preventing dental and gums problems.

The truth is that sodas, citric fruit juices, sports drinks, coffees, teas or any other drink loaded up with sugar or acids are not good for our teeth. They might be delicious at first; but in reality, when we sip sugary and/or acidic drinks we develop plaque bacteria that creates acids that hurt our gums and teeth.  So, try to drink as much water as possible; your teeth, gums and body will thank you for it!

Fruits and veggies, a world of nutrients:

Any form of food in its natural form is great nutrition for our body; and fruits and vegetables are exactly that. Nutrients in beautiful colors, shapes, and a great source of water and fiber; that will help us balance sugars, keep our teeth clean; and some will even whiten them. Let’s take a look at some of the best fruits or veggies for our teeth:

  • Fibrous vegetables such as Carrots, Celery or Cauliflower are great for your body and teeth! They contain lots of water and fiber, so the more you chew the better; and this is because of the amount of saliva our body needs to produce to swallow them; plus they are also low in calories. Carrots and celery also help in the creation of vitamin A through its beta carotene content, which is vital for strong teeth and healthy gums tissue. Oh, and one more thing, the fiber will whiten your teeth as well.
  • Strawberries, papaya and apples are a good source of antioxidants. Papaya and strawberries in particular have high levels of Vitamin C, without the acidity as they are not part of the citrus fruits family. And, vitamin C is great for the treatment of Gum Disease; when we have healthy gums, we keep bacteria away from going into our gums and avoid damaging our teeth. Strawberries also contain malic acid enzymes, which will whiten your teeth naturally instead of the use of harmful chemicals. Finally, apples are similar to the crunchy carrots we mentioned above; and are great for salivation as they demand heavy chewing; plus the constant rubbing will cleanse your teeth naturally and help them stay white.

Delicious Lean Proteins

Protein foods include meat, poultry, fish and other seafood, beans, eggs, nuts and seeds. The USDA is very clear in avoiding proteins that have a high content of fat; and it is suggested to include lean protein in our diets instead. Lean proteins are a valuable source of phosphorus and calcium which is important for strong teeth and bones. Let’s take a look at nuts and dairy products in particular:

  • Nuts contain not only protein; but also minerals for our overall health. They stimulate the production of saliva which we have seen is great for our gums. Nuts also have extremely low levels of carbohydrates, and that means that there is less sugar in them. And we know that sugar is the number one cause of acid-bacteria that causes tooth decay.
  • Finally cheese and natural yogurt are the stars of the dairy products; and again it is because of the low sugar contents they have. They are a great source of calcium which helps in growth development and create strong bones and teeth. And as a final point cheese and yogurt are loaded with lactic acid which in combination with the calcium will not only strengthen our teeth but also whiten them.

After you’ve eaten your healthy meals, don’t forget to brush and floss at the end of the day! Establishing a dental routine with your family will keep you and your loved ones accountable for each other. If you would like to have more information and tips on Holistic Dentistry, check out our blog, and if you would like to schedule an appointment with our amazing dentists feel free to check our site Glendale Holistic Dentistry or call us at (818) 246-1748.