As a patient, you are acted-upon, seldom given much choice, not seen as playing a real part in your own health and healing. The drug does it. The surgery does it. Lip-service may be given to lifestyle factors, but conventional treatments remain overwhelmingly passive.

Biological Dental Medicine, on the other hand, acknowledges you as an agent of your own well-being.

It affirms the truth of your body as a self-regulating system, capable of healing itself when properly treated and supported.

A biological approach is also a humanistic one, acknowledging your right and responsibility to choose your own path to health and wellness. It insists that the best choice is an informed one.

Thus, our main job is to give you all the clinical and research information you need to make the most informed decisions about your dental – and, thus, your overall – health. Then, as you choose, we provide you with the best clinical care possible to help you reach your dental health goals.

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