Looking for a more striking smile? Want to give a great first impression to your new boss, date, acquaintances? We can help polish up your smile by adding porcelain veneers to your teeth. Porcelain veneers is a procedure where we apply thin, resilient, long-lasting shells of porcelain to cover the front surfaces of the teeth to create an aesthetically pleasing look. We have a variety of veneers available for our patients and each veneer is custom-designed to fit the needs of our Glendale patients.

Reasons for Veneers

Veneers are perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their smile. The porcelain shells can easily be applied to the teeth with composite resin for a brighter, more even smile. Here are common reasons people choose porcelain veneers:

If you are insecure about your smile, veneers are a great way to gain back your confidence. The benefits of porcelain veneers are endless; from looking and feeling more youthful, to feeling attractive, to boosting your self-esteem. Changing the look of a smile can transform a person’s energy and allows them to feel like they can take on the world. If you feel that you identify with one of these symptoms, you may be eligible for porcelain veneers.

Types of Porcelain Veneers

The Procedure

Getting veneers is a common cosmetic procedure that is fairly easy, fast, and painless. It can be summed up in 3 steps:

  1. Consultation: The first step to any sort of medical procedure is a scheduled consultation with our very own Dr. Erwin to discuss the variety of porcelain veneer options that best suits your oral health, daily lifestyle, and finances. Dr. Erwin will perform a comprehensive oral examination and take a series of digital photographs of your mouth in order to determine your oral needs.
  2. Custom-designed veneers: After a decision between the patient and Dr. Erwin has come to a conclusion, Dr. Erwin will begin the next step to your treatment plan which is to be fitted with temporary veneers so you can try on your new smile before your custom-designed veneers come into our office from the lab. We design each veneer to give our patients the right color, alignment, and shape for their teeth to ensure seamless blending, making it look just like your natural-born teeth.
  3. Veneers placement: Once the permanent veneers are created, another appointment will be scheduled to affix them to your teeth. First, Dr. Erwin will prepare your teeth by cleaning and polishing them. Then, he will bond the veneer to the front surfaces of the teeth with veneer cement, Voila, immediate results of a brighter, healthier looking smile in no time!

Candidacy for Veneers

Before you get veneers, you need to have mostly healthy gums and teeth. If you have periodontal disease, dental decay, or cavities, they need to be treated prior to getting veneers. The veneers must be bonded to a stable surface, so you need strong teeth for the operation. You also need adequate enamel because some of it will be removed in the process of attaching the veneers.

If you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), dental veneers may not be the best choice for you. Excessive pressure can damage the porcelain prematurely and create unsightly, dysfunctional, chipped veneers. The process cannot be reversed, so you want to take great care of the veneers.

Long-lasting Results

For a beautiful, long-lasting smile, veneers are an excellent choice. They are made of strong, durable materials, so they can last from 5 to 20 or more years. However, veneers require proper care to function properly. Like normal teeth, they require regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups.  Veneers can also be touched up and replaced over time if needed.

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