There’s always that fear that we don’t have those ideal celebrity smiles to flash for that Facebook or school photo, so why don’t you let Dr. P. Vernon Erwin give you the gift of a brighter and whiter smile while using quality biocompatible materials to keep you safe and healthy. In consultation with you, we can lighten and improve the color of your smile by several shades in one sitting. Read along as we lay out the best tooth whitening options for you.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Teeth can become yellow or discolored from four main categories:

Tooth Whitening Options

There are many ways to whiten smiles without using toxic, unhealthy ingredients that can compromise one’s health. With our alternatives, we can provide our Glendale patients with the smile of their life.

Risks Associated with Teeth Whitening

Subjecting your teeth to too many teeth whitening treatments or bleaches can lead your enamel to wear away, showing the naturally yellower dentin on the inside. If your enamel corrodes away, your teeth will also be more vulnerable to dental caries and stains than before. Overuse of whitening products cause teeth sensitivity and some can even damage your gums.

Cosmetic treatments should be used minimally. Most in-office treatments can last up 2 – 3 years and at-home treatments only need touch ups every year or so. At most, patients should only be having their teeth professionally whitened once a year. Consult with your dentist to see what works best for you.

Instead of getting your teeth whitened, we encourage patients to focus on prevention and basic oral hygiene. Try consuming items rich in calcium to strengthen the enamel.  Fluoride products can also remineralize the enamel. By simply being careful with what you eat or drink, you can keep your teeth clean, healthy, and white.

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Do you want to take your smile to the next level? Are you looking to dazzle someone in your next interview, get-together, or date? Contact Dr. P. Vernon Erwin for a safe, body conscious method of teeth whitening. We strive to provide all of our patients with healthy options that are biocompatible with your body so you can feel good about your visit to the dentist instead of unsure about all the chemicals other dentists put into your body. We serve patients in Glendale, Burbank, and the Pasadena areas as well as the rest of Los Angeles County. If you’re interested in scheduling a personal consultation with Dr. Erwin to discuss your oral health options, contact our Glendale office today. We look forward to assisting you!