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Digital imaging allows us to take superior quality x-rays of your teeth with minimum exposure to radiation. Because the images are digital, you can see them in real time with us – and see how your dental health has evolved, as we can easily compare images on the computer. And because of the higher image quality, we can catch potential problems such as decay and bone loss much earlier in the disease process.


DiagnodentDIAGNOdent is a fiber optic laser device that lets us detect cavities early in the disease process – before they cause pain or destroy much of the tooth. This lets us save more of the tooth and provide an optimal restoration: one that looks and acts as natural as possible. We also use cold lasers for a variety of dental treatments, from reducing pain to disinfecting surgical sites to stimulating cellular regeneration and tissue growth.


ADD-ZAPZAP soft tissue dental laser significantly reduces treatment time, pain, and anxiety by quickly and proficiently completing tasks such as soft tissue surgery and pain therapy/relief. Most procedures can be performed using only a topical anesthetic – no shots required. The laser can also be applied to temporarily treat oral pain, as well as muscle pain, joint stiffness, and TMJ-related pain.


VelscopeVelScope is a screening tool that lets us look beneath the mouth’s soft tissues for leisons and abnormal growths that may indicate beginning oral cancers – conditions that may not be visible to the naked eye during a regular dental exam. It uses a blue excitation light which makes healthy areas appear fluorescent and problem areas, dark. Thus, we can catch problems much earlier in the disease process and treat them before they overwhelm.


T-ScanT-Scan is an imaging system that shows how your teeth come together. We can see places where your bite may be “off” or where there is an imbalance of force when you close your jaw – conditions that can contribute to jaw, face, neck and shoulder pain. T-Scan lets us get a better read on your situation so we can effectively and efficiently correct factors that may be contributing to your pain.


BioJVABioJVA (joint vibrational analysis) is a diagnostic tool that lets us take fast, non-invasive and repeatable measurements of a person’s TMJ function by determining the amount and kind of vibration at the joints. It lets us diagnose dysfunction more specifically, and, because it is repeatable, we can easily measure your progress through treatment.