Our general dentistry services always have your complete wellness in mind. Read below to see some of the treatments and procedures we offer, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Erwin.

Periodontal & Hygiene Services

We can effectively and safely treat gum disease, as well as help you prevent future disease from forming. We are a dentistry committed to educating our patients on the best preventative measures. Visit our blog for a bit of education on preventative techniques you can implement at home.

TMJ Therapy

To treat TMJ pain–stiffness or soreness in the jaw joints–we first look for all root causes of the pain. We use the BioJVA, or joint vibrational analysis, to assess your TMJ function. We may use splint therapy, SCENAR therapy, or otherwise search for the root of the issue using another method. As always, a true biologic and integrative approach to healing must have this goal always in sight: promote healing by supporting the body and removing all root causes so that the body may mend, strengthen and thrive.

Jaw Correction

Jaw correction is a procedure performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) to correct misalignments of the jaw and teeth.  Some of the more common issues corrected by this treatment are: those problems that cannot be easily treated with braces, problems related to growth and structure, TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, malocclusion problems and congenital conditions like cleft palate.

Laser Dentistry and Diagnostics

We can use a laser to find decay before it grows into a bigger problem. X-rays cannot catch cavities in their early stages, but lasers can! The laser is a painless and effective tool in preventative dentistry.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Focal Infections

A focal infection is an infection that spreads toxins to other locations of the body. An example of this is an infected root canal. We take the appropriate actions to remove the infection and discuss detoxification options with you.