At our biological dentistry, we feel it is our duty and privilege to help our patients restore their oral health so they can return to a vigorous life. Because your whole health is directly tied to your oral health, it is imperative that you see Dr. Erwin to remedy any dental issues keeping you from optimal oral health. Read below to see what reconstructive dental services we offer, and then schedule an appointment today by contacting our office. Dr. Erwin will assess your personal situation and pick a treatment suitable for you based on your unique biochemistry.

Dental Implants

A popular restorative procedure for patients with missing teeth, dental implants are a permanent solution that provides strength, longevity and whole-mouth revitalization. Dental implants are titanium roots that are surgically embedded into the jawbone, which later fuse with the bone during a healing period. After healing, replacement teeth are added on top for a dazzling finish. Read more about how dental implants can help you.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are used in situations where broken, cracked or weak teeth need to be completed or fortified. The crown completely caps the weak/broken tooth. Our crowns are mercury-free, can help restore power to your bite, and can bring vitality to the whole mouth by adding structure. Our crowns come in different materials, such as gold alloy, Zirconium, or composite material.

Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or several teeth? Bridges are restorations that are permanently secured to adjacent teeth in order to replace missing teeth. Dr. Erwin may also use dental implants to anchor your bridge. These restorations “bridge” the gap between healthy surrounding teeth, completing your smile.


If you are missing nearly all of your teeth–or even all your teeth–dentures may be the prime solution for you. Our dentures are made from materials that are compatible with your body. Furthermore, our dentures are custom-crafted to fit your mouth like a glove.

Inlays, Onlays and Fillings

If you have a cavity or have experienced decay, you might need an inlay, onlay or filling to complete the part of the tooth that is missing. These treatments are all made from a resin that your body is compatible with. We never use amalgam fillings because of the presence of mercury in them. In fact, we offer safe amalgam removal if you would like to replace your old fillings.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If your smile is badly damaged from decay and tooth loss, then you may need a full-mouth reconstruction. Dr. Erwin will decipher what mix of procedures may benefit you the most, including fillings, dental implants, bridges, etc. Our biological dentistry is committed to restoring your smile by using treatments that are minimally invasive and cohesive with the natural biology of your body.

Contact Dr. Erwin for Restorative Dentistry Services in Glendale, CA

If you are looking for a dentist invested in your whole health that provides the care you deserve, we invite you to contact Dr. P. Vernon Erwin, DDS for a consultation. We provide biocompatible restorative dentistry services that are suitable for the body. We happily serve patients in the Glendale, Burbank, or Pasadena areas. Visit our Smile Gallery to view some of the dramatic and dazzling restorations we have achieved using materials that are healthy for you!