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Patient Followup Reports

My amalgam fillings were killing me, literally. I was toxic and did not understand the extent of the toxicity in my body and how that was depressing my spirit and mental function. I was dizzy and had to hold onto walls to walk about 25% of everyday. I thought I was getting OLD. I gave up on my dreams and life goals.

Since seeing Dr. Erwin…my purposes are revitalizing! I am awake and alert and feel vitality and interest in life returning! I am a bright and sunny influence to others and my environment. I am happy and make others around me happier too. The dizziness is almost completely gone. I have lost 30 lbs. and my body is stronger than it was 50 years ago. Watch out world!

Kathleen Gregg

I was a total mess–in decline in every way: no energy, depressed, strange pains and symptoms, burning sensation throughout the body, unable to think clearly.

Since seeing Dr. Erwin…I am a new man. I have enormous energy. I’ve dropped 15 pounds! I look and feel younger. I have met the woman of my dreams. I am happy. I am pain free. I have opened up spiritually and psychically. I thank God for the miracle that has come to me through working with Dr. Erwin!

Ivor W. Francis

For 5 years since my root canal, I have had sensitivity and some pain in the area of the root canal. I attribute this to the fact my dentist filled the tooth with silver/mercury amalgam to form a base for a gold crown. I have always been sensitive to metals and this combination caused strange sensations in the area of my tooth and gums. I did not realize an infection was growing! For the past two years I could not think clearly. I felt that I was in a fog. Getting older possibly?

Since seeing Dr. Erwin…Wow! I just finished tabulating the company books. I can think again. It took me by surprise. I never realized how an infection could affect not only my body, but my thinking. Thank you.

Linda Suton