Sustaining Childhood Dental Health

mother and daughter making a selfie

Just like kids hate eating their vegetables and fruits, they do not particularly enjoy the chore of brushing their teeth. We completely understand, considering it is a life- long practice that does take some time and commitment. However, children that neglect to practice the proper dental routines, can have high risks of grow up having poor oral and dental health. We have composed a list of ideas that can make this an enjoyable experience for both you and your children while maximizing both dental and oral hygienic environments.

You Are the Hero

Our sponge- like adolescents are known to be quite observational when it comes to everything we do. We can do no wrong in their eyes although we may feel like functional messes when it comes to the choices we make; one of these choices being maintaining our own dental maintenance routines. So, why not make a great example if your oral and dental health by showing the apple of your eye that you love it? Be their hero in the kitchen, playground, at the dinner table, and now at the sink. Enjoy the practice together and make sure to smile big after!

As they see you taking care of your teeth when you floss and brush every morning and every night, you will see that mini size brush right along with yours. Starting this at a young age raises the child’s chances for continued dental health throughout their lives, which can dramatically decrease your dental bills in the future. Win-win?

Regular Visits

A major recommendation that can reduce their fear of the dentist and encourage them to keep their teeth healthy is bringing them in often, at an early age. When it comes to infants, the rule of thumb is “first tooth- first visit.” Following this visit, children should visit the dentist annually until they are able to receive their first tooth cleaning at age 4. Starting this at an early age will create an easy adjustment for the child and will allow them to understand the annual trip to the dentist better. Baby teeth are also highly susceptible to decay and cavities so it is vital that parents maintain dental health during these years and keep a close eye on this.

I’ll Brush Yours If You Brush Mine

It is very important that parents are brushing their child or children’s teeth to ensure that they are clean. Unfortunately, it is impossible to rely on our children to maintain their dental health at young ages, so we need to do this for them until they are old enough. Allowing them to brush their own teeth after gives them a sense of responsibility and independence that they can take pride in at an early age. All kids want to do what their parents do, but better, so why not channel this into brushing teeth? Although this can be a struggle with little ones, making sure they are healthy is worth it.

A really fun way to get them to brush their teeth after is by offering your oral cavity as a dental playground to them. Kids love to mess with us and pretend to be grown up, so what better way to do this than letting them brush your teeth? They will love it and it will be a laugh for you.

Juice Box on the Rocks

No, we, of course, do not mean serve them juice with ice. Although children tend to love the flavorful, sugary taste of their favorite fruit juices, these can create cavity issues at early ages. The highly acidic and sweet contents in these beverages have a tendency to sit on the teeth and create problems in the teeth, especially at young ages. It is important to limit their juice- intake during these ages to decrease their dental issues, as well as their dependency on drinks that are not great for their health. Water is always a great liquid to get kids hooked on early ages and a limited milk supply to increase the strength of their teeth.

We are everything that are child sees and what we do and say matters more than we realize, so it is vital to promote the importance of dental health and hygiene when they are little. Make the daily routine fun for both of you and reduce their future risks of dental worries today.