The Holistic Dentist Year in Review, 2012

As we enter the new year and approach our blog’s third anniversary, we take a quick look back at 2012 – a year in which our audience continued to grow. In fact, it nearly doubled over that time! And while most visits came from the US and other English-speaking countries, this blog was viewed from 156 different countries total.

Thanks to each of you for reading, commenting and sharing! All of us in Dr. Erwin’s office are grateful for your interest and support.

Here’s a snapshot of The Holistic Dentist‘s 2012 via the year’s most popular posts:

Top 10 New Posts of 2012

  1. A Mouth Full of Bacteria, a Tablespoon of Oil
  2. Should You Be Concerned About Aluminum Oxide in Dental Restorations?
  3. Ozone & Root Canals
  4. Raspberries, Piercings & Smoking – Oh, My!
  5. All Dental X-rays Are NOT Created Equal
  6. Hearing What the Body Is Saying
  7. HPV, Oral Cancer & Gum Disease
  8. Fighting Gum Disease with Food
  9. Mercury Amalgam Studies Were “Crime Against Humanity,” Says DAMS
  10. How to Save Money on Dental Care

Top 10 Overall Posts of 2012

  1. Why Tongue Piercings Aren’t So Cool for Your Teeth & Gums
  2. Root Canal Myths
  3. Why Doesn’t Everyone with Mercury Fillings Get Sick?
  4. Nutrition & Your Amazing, Self-Healing Teeth
  5. Does Fluoride Really Prevent Cavities?
  6. How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally
  7. Do Natural Mouthwashes Work?
  8. Get the Most Out of Tooth Whitening
  9. What’s Ozone Therapy & How Is It Used in Dentistry?
  10. A Nanosilver Bullet Against Tooth Decay?

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