Dr. Vern Erwin

Wondering About the Difference Between a Holistic & Conventional Dentist?

Dr. Vern ErwinLet’s face it: When people hear about holistic or biological dentistry for the first time, they have questions, starting with “How is that different from regular dentistry?”

Let us count the ways…

Whole Body Health

A holistic dentist seeks first to understand the whole you. We want to build a relationship focused on your health. That means we take the time to listen, see, and understand your full medical and dental history, your stresses, and your lifestyle habits. We want to hear how you want to be treated. How can we make your dental care the most positive experience possible?

Holistic dentistry recognizes that the health of your mouth affects the health of your body – and vice versa. Every choice we make and action we take reflects the complex, dynamic relationship between oral and systemic health.

Empowered Patients

Part of what we do is teach. Rather than us dictating what your needs are, a holistic dentist wants you to be in the driver’s seat. If there are options for treatment, we want to share those and what they mean for your health. Education empowers you to make decisions on treatment that best fit for you.

Biocompatibility Is Key

Dentists place more foreign material in bodies than almost any other kind of practitioner. It’s critical that we not use materials that may cause health problems in the individual. We steer clear of products that release fluoride or BPA.

For patients with sensitivities, holistic offices offer material testing. This testing offers a clue as to what material may be most compatible.

Mercury-Free, Mercury-Safe

Because of our concern with biocompatibility, holistic and biological dentists never place “silver” fillings. While they do contain some silver, they are mostly mercury. In all forms, mercury is neurotoxic (poison to the brain). With every bite, swallow, and brush, toxic mercury vapors are released and enter the circulation. This exposure lasts as long as mercury fillings are in in your mouth.

Because of this, we follow strict safety protocols when removing amalgam fillings – to protect the health of the patient, dental team, and planet alike. When cleaning teeth, we never polish any amalgams present. To do so is literally polishing poison.


Holistic offices have concerns about relying on fluoride to prevent tooth decay. Like mercury, fluoride is also toxic. Considering that it’s not only in oral hygiene products but also in much of the public water supply (and thus in all the food products that use this water), there’s no way to accurately monitor the actual level of fluoride consumed daily.

Rather than depend on this intervention that may not even be all that effective, holistic dentists believe in giving people the tools they need to prevent decay. Proper home care, good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and regular checkups and cleanings are the best approach for life-long caries prevention.

Is Holistic Dentistry for You?

Holistic dentistry may not be right for everyone. It’s a great fit for those who want to understand their options, focus on their overall wellness and health goals, have a voice in their treatment, and advocate for their own health.

We emphasize education and prevention. When treatment is needed, we favor the least invasive techniques with the most biocompatible materials.

We believe lifestyle choices are critical to health maintenance. We’ll talk with you openly about diet, exercise, stress, and lifestyle – its role in oral and overall wellness. Whenever possible we’ll provide options for treatment and empower you to make the best decision for your personal health goals.

A holistic dental office is a patient-centric office, a place where you are in control of your treatment.

Ultimately, choosing the right dentist for you depends on your personal preferences and health needs. Dental Studio of Pasadena goes into detail about the best way to go about finding the right doctor if you plan on making a switch or move to a new city. Regardless of which type of dentist you choose, we applaud anyone who is taking the steps toward dental health!