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Glendale Dentist for Holistic, Integrative, & Biological Solutions

Serving Glendale, the San Fernando Valley & Greater Los Angeles Area since 1967

Did you know your total wellness starts in the mouth? If your teeth, gums, and oral tissues aren’t healthy, you aren’t healthy.

Our Glendale dentist is focused on providing a fluoride-free, mercury-free, mercury-safe, holistic dental care for patients throughout Los Angeles. The team at Glendale Holistic Dentistry is committed to helping you achieve an attractive, healthy smile that contributes to your total well-being. The services we offer are non-toxic and always patient-centered.

Dr. Erwin and his staff

We believe you have both the right and the responsibility to choose the path of care and treatment that is most right for you, aligned with your values and priorities.

We give you all the clinical and research information you need to make the most informed decisions about your dental and overall health. We provide you with the best clinical care possible to help you reach your dental health goals.

We are here to…

  • create an atmosphere that welcomes you with honor and instantly puts you at ease.
  • enter into a lasting relationship of mutual respect with you, always offering exceptional service.
  • discover your personal dental goals by listening actively to your wishes and concerns.
  • offer only the finest materials and the latest mastered dental techniques.
  • deliver outstanding service with attention to detail and promptness, thus earning your trust and loyalty.
  • focus intently on improving your oral health and overall well-being.

Periodontal Treatment

At our holistic dental office, our Glendale dentists use cutting edge, minimally invasive technologies to help patients keep and maintain their dental implants! With the use of modern lasers, our doctors have more tools to avoid unnecessary implant surgeries and still provide amazing results!


What sets our Dr. Erwin apart from other dentists in Glendale? As one of America’s foremost experts on rejuvenation dentistry, he strives to provide his patients with the best dental care possibly by continually learning about new dental technologies and holistic methods. Dr. Erwin is a proponent of healthful living and tries to incorporate advances in health research and practice principles, so his patients will practice a great dental and comprehensive health routine daily. A few principles he has recently integrated into his care philosophy include Advanced Implant Dentistry and Treatment Planning, Energetic Medicine, and Complex Prosthodontics Residency.  

Paul Vernon Erwin

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Our Services

From general dentistry to teeth whitening and implants, We provide a full range of general, holistic, restorative and cosmetic dental services to support your oral and whole health for a healthier, happier life.

FAQ & Blog

With news, comment, and tips on a wide variety of health and wellness topics, our blog helps us help you on your journey to optimal oral and systemic health. We answer questions, like, Do I have periodontal disease? or What is holistic dentistry?

Cost & Insurance

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure about their dental health, so we provide clear information about the fees and payment options.  We take most insurance providers and offer financing alternatives.

Smile Gallery

Check out the sensational results we have achieved with by biocompatible materials and advanced restorative techniques, supporting our patients’ overall health.

We are committed to using only biocompatible materials, based on your unique biochemistry and chosen in consultation with you.Read More