Keeping your teeth healthy and attractive for a lifetime involves more than just seeing your dentist twice a year. It also means regularly practicing excellent dental hygiene at home, between visits. This includes brushing, flossing and, as recommended, the use of rubber tips, perio-aids and proxy brushes for cleaning along the gumline, and oral irrigators for cleaning periodontal pockets.

For optimal care, Dr. Erwin recommends the following home hygiene products:

Dental Herb Co. Tooth and Gums Paste

This excellent natural toothpaste contains a fine mixture of botanical anti-microbials, connective tissue rebuilders and tissue conditioners, including echinacea, peppermint, red thyme, eucalyptus and lavender. What it doesn’tcontain: damaging fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate.

BioPro Periopaste

Periopaste is a low-abrasive, naturally whitening toothpaste that promotes healthy teeth and gums. Containing lysine, folic acid, CoQ10, a blend of herbs and essential oils, and cavity-fighting Xylitol, it’s a vegetarian product that’s free of fluoride, preservatives and sodium lauryl sulfate.

TheraSol Oral Antiseptic

TheraSol is a low-alcohol, non-staining, professional strength antiseptic, suitable for use in oral irrigators and as a mouthwash. It can also be applied to periodontal pockets with interproximal brushes. Despite its strong antimicrobial properties, TheraSol doesn’t sting or burn as many other professional strength antiseptics do.

Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse

This natural mouthwash helps control periodontal disease and biofilm (plaque) build-up through its blend of cleansing and soothing botanicals including echinacea, golden seal, grapefruit seed, aloe vera gel and calendula. Healthy Gums contains no alcohol, artificial sweeteners, dyes or preservatives, and will not stain the teeth.

GC MI Paste

MI Paste contains bio-available calcium and phosphate, which help remineralize the teeth and thus strengthen tooth enamel. Applied directly to the teeth, the paste can also reduce root sensitivity, buffer the acids created by oral microbes and blend in white spots on the teeth. It is water-based and sugar-free.

GC Dry Mouth Gel

True to its name, this product eases the symptoms of dry mouth, whatever their source: simple dehydration, impaired saliva production, drug side effects or other cause. GC Dry Mouth Gel is applied directly to the teeth and gums, has a neutral pH and pleasant taste, and is both sugar- and alcohol-free.


These products are not available in stores but directly from dentists, including Dr. Erwin. If you’re interested in purchasing them, please by e-mail directly.